Cooking disaster: how not to

My cooking experience came really close to my laundry experience which was about… none. Okay that’s not very exact, I did have some experience like pasta, or crepes, or chocolate cake – that’s about it really. Anyways, the kitchen was equipped with a gas stove – something I had never used, and was definitely afraid […]

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Laundry disaster

As I took my little wings and started to fly out of the nest I… quickly realised I didn’t know how to do anything. My mum, God bless her, always did everything for me. Like, literally. Even my breakfast in the morning, even waking up in the morning she did that for me too. Anyways […]

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My Barcelona monthly budget

I’m part of the lucky ones, and I sincerely hope you do to, because my dad paid (well, he still does actually) for my room, and gave me money each month to survive in Barcelona. Here’s how we calculated how much I’d roughly need per month (excluding the rent, which covered electricity, water, gas, internet, […]

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Find an accommodation

On a student budget, the prices for a room can range from 450€ to 800, in average, and for a studio from 800 to 2000€. You have several options: get a room in a shared a flat, in a student residence, get a studio/whole flat or go in a host family. From personal experience, I […]

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