Movie: A Star Is Born

I’m coming right out of the movie, tears in my eyes, and the only words that are coming out of my mouth are: amazing, moving, touching.

The movie relates the story of a famous country singer with a fading career, who falls for a girl with an undiscovered talented singing voice, whom he met in a bar. He makes her known to the world, and with her success comes his own personal problems related to addiction, success and family problems.


It was a first for Bradley Cooper for directing the movie, a new version of the original movie “A star is born” (1954) by George Cukor, revealing on the way his singing talent!  “Everything’s live; we sing everything live in the movie — oh yeah, there’s nothing, we’re not lip-synching.”

A first time too for Lady Gaga who played the first time as an actress, successfully revealing a new talent to her artist palette. I never was a real fan of her music; however, her acapella performance on screen, which revealed a completely different genre of music from what she normally produces, was a revelation to me.

“I turned to Lady Gaga, who was singing next to me, and she was looking at me like I was Jackson Maine. And when you’re in a scene, and the actor is fully believing that you’re the character, you can’t not believe it yourself. So she really gave me that confidence.”

giphy (18)

Both of them offered a magical and transcending acting performance, with this rare power of making you shiver or water your eyes as you watch the story – especially the realism with which Bradley Cooper plays the alcoholic character, confronting his own downhill-going career and the new success of this girl he fell head-over-heels with.

This is actually where his pride is from, after half a decade working on the movie, as he really wanted to show to the public the real side-effect of being famous and especially the addiction and alcoholism aspect of it, as well as some personal history regarding his own father.

“I thought: Gosh, when this movie comes out (if it does come out), I really want anybody who knows deeply about this disease to say, “Yeah, this is the reflection of what it’s like.” Not a glossy version, but the real reality of what it is to be an addict.”

Rating: 9/10

Favourite songs:

Quotes from an interview “Bradley Cooper on the person behind A Star Is Born” by National Public Radio

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