They call me boy-crazy, so what?

Do you know that girl who always has a crush, or several ones at the same time, which change like every week, and who you can only hear talk about boys, boys, boys? Well, that’s me.

I was already giving kisses to the cute guy of my class by the age of three, sending love notes in class at seven, breaking up like the sassy little girl I was and running away to another boy at ten, crying because he liked another girl at thirteen, meeting that one really hot one in a bar at sixteen, falling in love at seventeen…

giphy (15)

Will he look at me? Is he looking at me right now? Does he like me? Do I like him? Is he going out tonight? Should I text him? Should I ignore him? My whole world growing up was around boys – boys, boys, boys could be the final words on my grave. I never could put a word on it until one day during high school I finally heard it: “You’re so boy-crazy”, said my ex-crush (like one of them), as he overheard some whatever love drama I was overdramatizing about to my friends.

Although I do know there is a negative connotation (I mean, when can a crazy juxtaposed word sound positive?), and probably some psychological background to be dug down behind this behaviour; the definition is fair: it is not fucking around or wanting to fuck around, or anything sexual at all like most people would immediately label it – it is just loving boys.

giphy (27)

I love them the same way Julien Clerc sings his love for women in “Femmes je vous aime” (Women, I love you) or Michel Sardou his admiration with “Être une femme” (be a woman) or even Julio Iglesias singing “Vous les femmes” (You, women) expressing the powerlessness of men in front of women. These famous songs in France, anthems from men to women, to express their love and admiration for their strength, beauty, softness, cleverness, mysteriousness, femininity, everything that makes a woman beautiful for who she is, both physically and mentally.

This same of vision I also have of women, I have it for men too – they are funny, crazy, adventurous, strong, tough in society but sensitive and sometimes insecure as we are.

Of course, this is a very romantic, utopian and naive vision of humans since every person is different, with their flaws and their qualities that make them liked or disliked from the people around them.

giphy (17)

Nevertheless, this vision I have of people since I’m little has always made it very, very easy to see the good, the cuteness and attractiveness in a lot of people.

And common, everybody knows how fun and exciting crushes can be…

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