Cooking disaster: how not to

My cooking experience came really close to my laundry experience which was about… none. Okay that’s not very exact, I did have some experience like pasta, or crepes, or chocolate cake – that’s about it really.

Anyways, the kitchen was equipped with a gas stove – something I had never used, and was definitely afraid of. Why? Because I heard many horrible stories about people dying due to inhalation of gas by accident. Or fires, or explosions.


Indeed, it is not that difficult.

You press the button (usually there is a little drawing to show which part of the stove it’s going to light) and then turn it to your left while lighting a match above it so it catches the fire. Then you can adjust the fire as you want.

To cook pasta, fill in a pot with hot water and put it on the stove until it boils, then throw the pasta in (I still can’t say how much, but better do more than not enough!) for about 8-10 mins. If you want it to be cooked the Italian way, aldente, the pasta have to be a little bit hard, and if you want it to be cooked the French way, let it cook forever until it’s all spongy and full of water!


Now, I can’t really explained every single food you can make but I can definitely say that rice should be cooked in little water, until it absorbs everything. I didn’t know that! And my flatmate watched me cook my rice in a pot full of water during weeks!

Also, for a personal advice: try to buy bio products even if it’s more expensive, cook with sunflower oil rather than butter and if you’re young and single, go food shopping every 2-3 days instead of buying for the whole week meat and milk that will expire before you see it!

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