Laundry disaster

As I took my little wings and started to fly out of the nest I… quickly realised I didn’t know how to do anything.

My mum, God bless her, always did everything for me. Like, literally. Even my breakfast in the morning, even waking up in the morning she did that for me too.

Anyways so, I am here in front of my washing machine and no clue how to do this.


My sister is next to me and she is supposed to know how it works, since she’s been living on her own for a year now. But “it’s not the same washing machine”.

I did with her, my brand new (shitty quality) blue jeans with some white and coloured t-shirts. Yes, I did know you’re not supposed to do that but my sister said it was okay if you put one of those colour catcher wipes and… IT DID NOT WORK. Don’t do that. My white t-shirts came back blue, and other t-shirts grey.


Anyways so if you really have no clue how to do it like I didn’t, here’s how I manage to do it:

First, separate your clothes by colour: white, light colours and dark colours.

If you can’t do that because, like me, you use one white t-shirt per week in the middle of all your winter clothes, don’t worry. Just mix them with the rest (try to mix them with light colours if you can though), buy colour catcher wipes which work quite well, and wash with cold water!

Once you have your dirty laundry sorted out, put everything in the washing machine. It’s advised to fill it to 80% but to be honest, when I didn’t have time I would just fill in whatever fitted in there and it still worked!


Then the settings… on mine there were a lot, and it was separated by the material type of the clothes I was washing (cotton, polyester, eco) and then how hot or cold I wanted it to be, there was also the “hand washed” setting, or quick wash of 30mins.

I always washed my clothes at 40 degrees in “eco” or with the quick wash setting, and used the hand washed setting to wash jumpers made of cashmere or underwear with lacework.

I know I’m absolutely not the best at doing my laundry, and this is probably wrong in some ways but until now nothing bad happened so if you had no clue, now you have an idea to start!

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