My Barcelona monthly budget

I’m part of the lucky ones, and I sincerely hope you do to, because my dad paid (well, he still does actually) for my room, and gave me money each month to survive in Barcelona.

Here’s how we calculated how much I’d roughly need per month (excluding the rent, which covered electricity, water, gas, internet, phone etc.)

He gave me 500€/month, which is the average given to my friends and flatmates, although 400€ should enough.


I calculated this way:

  • 45€/week for food = 180€/month

What happens is that I spend around 30€ per week in food bought in supermarket and maybe another 40€ for the extra sandwiches and cakes at school, restaurants and home deliveries (I know, I know, shame on me)

  • Then the metro costs 105€ for 3 months, so 35€/month (for one zone, aka most of Barcelona itself)
  • Drinks and going out: 20€/week, although you don’t pay neither the transport nor the entrance (before 1:30 or 2am generally), that’s for the pre-drinks, and just all the drinks you get after school or time to time during the week
  • Finally, extras (105€): gym, or any sport or activity (I paid 45€ for karate each month) and shopping of course!

Total= 500€

So you can see that if you do spend a normal 180€/month on food which is totally doable + metro + not so many drinks and no extras, you can easy live with 300-400€

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