Why Barcelona? An unwilling and stubborn teenage choice.

After years of looking forward to the moment I would get to choose the amazing university I would go to because of my amazing grades due to hard work and efforts, finally came the time to decide.

And here I was, after the hours spent on the computer, or eating, or outside, or just anywhere but at my desk studying, looking at my very average grades and the image of Cambridge, or Oxford, or Harvard, slowly fading away, and this time, for real. But being the seventeen years old that I was, my hidden hope (and only interest) was to move or get as close as I could to my first (summer) love’s city: Milan – and, actually, everything but my sister’s university.

The simple thought of the conversation between my parents and relatives “so where is she going to study – at the same university of her sister” was unimaginable to me, and would have been a proof of my own failure. Why? Because it’s what the stubborn teenager that I was had decided, despite my, of course, unconditional love for my sister.

Bocconi and any university in Milan offering courses in English being way out of my lead, and finding no other universities in a decent place – which meant cheap and warm weather and not in Spain – that would offer a study abroad year in Milan, I opted for… Barcelona, and the same university as my sister.

I reasonably thought it could be my last opportunity to be living in the same city as her while both being students; and they offered the best study abroad program I could find with at least a hundred destinations all over the world, a Bachelor in Business Management with an option to specialize in Digital Marketing, and a very small campus, which is what I thought would suit me better.

And so did it!


The Barcelona Campus counts less than 400 students for the bachelor program (3 years). The first year is divided into two tracks – the Spanish track (classes in Spanish) and the English track, which itself is divided into two classes of more or less 25 people: the morning group (classes from 8 to 2:15) and evening group (classes from 2:30 to 8:45).

Everyone knows everyone, the teachers, most of administrations and heads of departments know most of our names, which make a very familiar and warm atmosphere. However, like anything else in the world, it has its downside: you cannot miss more than a certain number of hours, they will know who skips often classes etc. It’s very much like high school, and unfortunately, I found the student’s attitude to be so too.

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