Who, what, why?

Dear reader,

No need for presentations, since the title of this blog says the first thing you’d see when meeting me the first time, and my articles tell the story behind.

Here are the tales of a young girl experiencing the student life in a new city –  the ups and downs, the laughs and the cries, the doubts and hopes – growing up slowly but surely.

If I would start to talk about the million things that excite me about the world we live in, I would end up to bore to death the poor person that was caught listening to me. Not because the content is boring, I hope, but because I talk way too much. So I thought I’d write it so you’d be free to raise your eyebrows, roll your eyes or leave without feeling rude.

I hope you will find in those posts a bit of yourself, a comfort to know you’re not alone, the excitement to discover something new and maybe to add a little bit of light to your day.

Sincerely yours,



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Barcelona Tips: Bars, restaurants, shops, doctors appointments, documents, accommodations, universities…live as a student in Barcelona!
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Travel (coming soon): “Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul” – Jamie Lyn Beatty – Sharing with you the places I’ve travelled to!
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Student life:  Anecdotes of living alone for the first time, growing up, meeting new people and making some cooking disasters…
Insider:  Friends, love, dreams, family, society, sexuality, feelings & emotions: those topics to overthink about but never talked about enough
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Reviews (coming soon): Book & movie reviews

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